Introduction to Email Marketing Software

We have invested a lot to get the software to collect customer information quickly and efficiently. Naturally obtaining customer information for the purpose of advertising products and services to enhance your chance of finding potential customers.

And one of the many ways to reach customers effectively that we provide is to send Email Marketing

You know by sending the usual way (Gmail, Yahoo, ... or Email Hosting) completely failed to meet because of the low number of posts, and will be locked if a policy violation

Our system can send up to 2 million email / day and the rate is over 70% in the Inbox. Did you know that Gmail and Yahoo if sent directly to each other that the policy violates them is still in the normal spam. So if you need the system to the Inbox 100% rate without strict adherence to policy, we do not meet

We are one of the few experts to build a system to send Email Marketing in Vietnam, and we believe we always meet the customer's objectives

Send email server system is operated independently Marekting, deploy software is purchased from abroad with a very high cost. It is not difficult with the technology and engineering difficulties deployment, and infrastructure during the period are rare condition in Vietnam is even more difficult.