Key features in Email marketing software

Automated diagnostic content keywords Spam

Intelligent software and automatically update the list of keywords in Email Anti-Spam is the organization noted. Then you can simply remove / replace the word Email and Inbox, the rate is over 70%.

Scheduled to be sent automatically

You can plan for software that automatically sends emails with contents and list selected at fixed hours, and will be announced at the start and end automatically.

Based on this help you reduce the amount of work to do, not forget, the maximum concentration in order to manage your business

Support form for mounting on Website

The software fully supports the necessary forms to integrate into your website. You can use this feature to create interfaces for registered customers receive a new notification, registration or to refuse to receive the next Email

Email templates available

We built 100 email templates for you to choose from. With templates system, you simply select and edit the first 5 minutes will be right ad Email beauty and health.

Send Bulk

The software can simultaneously one or more different email lists to help you minimize working time

Announced at the beginning and end

The software is capable of sending notice to you at the beginning and at the end to send posts. This will help you know and check email results and fast time