What is the Mini CRM software

CRM = Customer Relationship Management. Mini CRM is so small software used to manage customer relations

This software meets the maximum for customers who need a flexible application and a good deal of information storage customers contacted, registered, sent emails, was acrid, texted. Meanwhile the customer information that was provided to you - you will note it with this software system.

After the notes, you just push a button and within 1 second, the software will automatically send letters of recommendation services to the customer that you (of course, the earlier you need to compose the email content and software present.

You can also note the progress as well as the content was discussed with customers here, while undergoing a lot of time, more customer contact, you will see who has contacted you, contact the what, they can not use the service, which can approach and contact them to gratitude - discount - take care of them

You know, 95% of clients managed by the software, the ability of closing the contract is very high. After closing the deal, you also need this software to after-sales care.

You must understand that, after sales care helps customers remember you, appreciate the quality of the service and which will introduce more customers for your other

Great, excellent, wonderfull ...