Key features in Mini CRM Software

Customer list management service used

Ability to centrally manage a list of customers who have used the service, together with the diversity of information that will help you look up the customer quickly.

You imagine, if customers use the service, and through many different time, if there is no effective management tool, it is difficult for you statistics, policy announcement, ..

Notes diverse information

Each customer, there will be a lot of things need to take notes, for example: Customer service inquiries, customer day was called this, the customer is calling the Star, when customers need to contact again. ..

Everything related should be noted, this is an important basis for you to screen clients and professional care

Customer Reference Management Services

Daily operation, you will receive a lot of information customers need to contact, exchange, advice to use the service. The important thing is that you need statistically it back, and there is an efficient way to manage the level of interest of the customer, customer classification needs to use the service, what products ... thereby taking care more to sell more products and services more.

This software allows detailed statistical everything to help you win

Compose email template care

In the course of operations, will certainly need to send relevant messages to customers. This software helps you create the content available to send notices to customers automatically and the correct standard

Information stored diversity

Customer information back to your storage needs care later: name, email, address, phone, gender, address, contact them anything, related notes, ...

The more you store details, the easier care and efficiency

Continually upgrade

Constantly receive feedback from you, will help us improve the software. We recorded all your requirements to develop new features for free.

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