Key features in Chat Online Software

Customers do not need to install anything, still can chat

Your customers, while at the Website and contact information needed, just simply fill in the information and Chat. Less than 3 seconds as they chat with you. They do not need to install anything still acrid be.

Management is the employee's Chat

For free chat tools, in addition to the inconvenience involved, how do you know there is good support staff is not, the attitude was, have to disclose information out, it does not reject a chat ... and numerous other gold anxiety

During the competition period, the new customer care is successful. With this software, you can manage all this and knew instantly in real time. And knew anytime, anywhere

Chat interface supports all devices

In the modern trend to have Responsive Website (mobile compatible), the system is compatible chat mobile. Whether your customers are accessed with what equipment.

Anytime, anywhere, any device do

Your clients can still chat with you anytime, anywhere, any device, .... they do not need to install anything.

Integrated chat application on Smartphone

There will be tools for installation on mobile devices, like the free messaging application. You will always and quickly to connect the chat without having to do anything, of course, you have to click to open the software on

Announcement chat started and ended

Although the administrator to go out, or not online, .. they are the system automatically notifies the customer as soon as the chat started, ended, or email alerts to the entire contents of the chat. So even if you're not online, you still know what employees are saying ...

Integrates easily less than 1 minute

The integration into the website page is extremely simple, and less than 1 minute, and does not affect any public way are displayed on your Website

For customers who are using the solution's Website Saco to be integrated this tool free immediately after initialization Website (depending on the package)

Easy administration interface

System administrators and displayed good compatibility across all devices, systems designed intuitive, multilingual, statistics are everything related to customers, related to the employee's chat

The administrator can access anywhere and anytime

Continually upgrade

Constantly receive feedback from you, will help us improve the software. We recorded all your requirements to develop new features for free.

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