Key features in The software automatically post to Forum

Planning the keywords to SEO

Tool enables you planning to do SEO keywords, and links attached to each keyword. Then the content of each article to post on the forum will be associated with these keywords, which makes it easy to manage links, and if your personnel to do it, then make sure they will not never made a mistake

Statistics of Articles publishe

Tool enables you detailed statistics the number of articles posted to the forum, as well as public forums have your article - how much each forum post.

Statistics of keywords had

Tool enables you detailed statistics of the total number of keywords available on the forums, each forum with the keyword whatsoever. This is extremely useful tool for you to capture and manage the progress of SEO

Post one by one or post as bulk

You can post one by one each individual blog post (less than 30 seconds for each forum), or post as bulk of blog visits

We recommend that you one by one each individual article, this makes sure you do not have Google check Spam

Automatically notify Google

You do not need to worry about slow Google article will cause slower statistics in SEO (Normally Google will list as early as 15 days - 30 days), our system is very powerful and advanced, will send your post to Google immediately

Meanwhile, the search results will be later than 24 hours. Very strong