About the software to send SMS

SMS - protocols (ways) to send information quickly - 100% sure - immediate recipient will receive

We have successfully developed messaging software interface Website, you just have devices that can access the Internet can effectively use this software without any software to install anything on computer

With this software, you can update your contacts phone numbers of potential customers, or may store a list of telephone numbers of customers already using the service, to inform policies, new services, or remarketing (re-marketing), or birthday ...

The software can function as list your storage device, update phonebook with full information, campaigns editor (content SMS) to send, and send bulk or pre-installed 1 calendar and repeat repeated.

The most important functions are automated and the best birthday mailing, promotional programs, or the big occasion. This very powerful function ensures you never forget important occasions of our customers, or other special occasions. When that customers appreciate the professionalism of your company