What are SMS software ?

This software is designed specifically to take on the role SMS Marketing (not Spam SMS)

With this software, you can plan a marketing campaign and send SMS to customers with a series of own brand. With the rebranding will be sent by increased customer recognition for your company. Moreover, automatic sending and sending bulk saves a lot of effort.

You know, with the sending of SMS, the message will immediately be sent, and the receiver will immediately get information, and if customers need they will immediately contact you

Enclosed, well integrated software tool always send Email Marketing (mini), the tool will automatically send an email to the customer if you installed. Email tool to help you convey a message more content, help your customers more information lookup.

In addition, the mailing tool and a predetermined occasion (birthdays, promotions, big occasion ...), with the collaboration of SMS and Email in this software will always make sure the deals Rates and information you will always immediately send the notice to the customer. This is a particularly powerful tool of software gives you