About software support requirements management (Ticket)

When you are a service company, or the company has diversified and many support requests from customers, the most important is the management of statistics and absolute all support requests this way: Quickly accurate, unhandled, and systematic

You can still use your email address to receive a first request from the client, but if you have more than one employee supported, or can not use individual email requests to receive support. Meanwhile you can not know who the customer support, or customer requests submitted have not received, or the request was no support staff.

Above all is still statistical forms, lists, notify the customer must have all the regulations and, if so human to edit the content in any case certainly can not be always right . This caused the bad image of the company to customers

Systems management software requirements of Saco will support fully resolved all issues related to customer support: To receive and respond to requests automatically, automatic calendar reminder is due processing, feedback and all the regulations, thorough statistics, knowing what had support staff, ...

Please use the software to ensure that all customers are supported and you have to control easily