Requirements management software support (Ticket) is what?

The normal way the unit will receive the requests of their customers by: By telephone, text messaging, chat, or email recipients directly

And in the usual way, the unit will respond to support requests by: Reply to the message, reply to emails, answering the chat.

If no reply email, each employee will use personal email to send, when it will cause difficulties in managing and monitoring customer support. Or they may share an email and will have many users to send feedback to customers.

The work on still good customer support if tried and centralized management for quality control.

However, there are better ways, more convenient, more focused, more professional to do this is to use management software requires our support. Meanwhile, all customer requirements please submit your email address into the first single, and this email address all employees do not need to know the password, and through Ticket management software, staff will know was immediately sent client request, then treatment, then this software also uses the reply back to the client.

Above all, the contents of the reply will be preset to send replies regulations are adequate, correct and professional. And the manager is always aware of customers were sent, and have not yet been processed, and handled when, and who handle, whether your company has a lot of the support staff.

Too great, too professional.