Key features in Ticket management software

1 single email address to receive requests from clients

Any customers who have asked where to send e-mail support, any employee who also must answer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (this is your company's email). Meanwhile the director has received a request via email and through the system.

You will not miss any requirement

Reminders, notification requirements overdue

The system will automatically send notifications related to the requirements of customers who have overdue handle but still unresolved. What company makes you never miss any requirement of any customer.

Unlimited support staff

Whether your company has many support staff, each employee is a different department, when the reply email sent out to customers are always right preparation, is always professional

And more importantly, the client receives only still know only 1 email address. But you still know the employee who has handled and answered it.

Focus ticket management system, negligent omission

Meanwhile, over the years with the number of requests up to a few million, you still and easy to manage, test still, still find the requirements of a few years ago.

You just imagine, there are requirements or tasks were handled before, but for some reason it is necessary to check against, then do not use this software if it is one big problem.

Continually upgrade

Constantly receive feedback from you, will help us improve the software. We recorded all your requirements to develop new features for free.

Please submit a request to us

Easy administration interface

System administrators and displayed good compatibility across all devices, systems designed intuitive, multilingual, statistics are everything related to customers, related to the employee's chat

The administrator can access anywhere and anytime

Decentralization, decentralization

Software designed for flexibility in hierarchical and decentralized. The administrator may have right to one can do anything and anywhere.

Example: It is possible to view technical and feedback requests, but the transition has not been finished processing. Meanwhile the director should review to ensure the quality of support, and then toggle back. There are also many different credentials option, very flexible.

Immediate notification when there is love, as it is processed, the feedback

All new requests, requests processed, the feedback request, ... everything done when employees are notifying customers and inform Admin.

This is very good for you to always know everything has been answered or not

Decentralized departments

Can be decentralized by department, departments will receive the request, does not recognize divisions. This is more relevant in the organization of management companies vertically, whereby the head of self-monitoring and processing requirements of their departments.

Will never be calculated push, and the head of department should be responsible if work is not resolved well