Introduction of companies Saco

Saco, formerly known as a computer company formed and operated since 2009. After many years of work with many activities with many difficulties, with all tireless efforts, the company has changed and organizations restructuring to become stronger and more successful

The time of establishment, the company operates in the field of maintenance and troubleshooting computers for businesses, with the experience and reputation in the process by operating companies Saco has gradually become a partner maintenance computers are good quality and won the trust of many customers. The majority of customers still maintained until now at least have been Saco and serve over 4 years

Based on the quality - prestige and with his ability, present and active Saco was quite wide in the field of information technology, the current service is being provided Saco:

* Maintain and troubleshoot computer: Business and personal

* Fast Website Solution with top quality in Vietnam

* Website Design Solutions on demand

* The IT services include: network infrastructure deployment, Construction Camera, PABX, network wiring Execution

* Managed services - maintenance - care Website

* Online Advertising Services

* Services offers specialized software for Marketing (by Saco invest - research - development)

* Distribution Services components - devices in the field of information technology - Camera

The company has a team Saco and technical management over 10 years experience in the IT sector, is operated and managed based on internal software system developed by the company itself.

Management software developed by the company with the ability to manage more than 90% of daily tasks 1 technician. Therefore, the company is very much reduce operating costs, reduce staffing, while ensuring work efficiency gives customers

The company has continued to invest Saco systems, optimized processes and operational management with the ultimate goal is to bring greater value to customers, benefit increasingly affluent value for employees, and help companies growing