Strategic orientation and activities

After years of development with many difficulties and challenges, we understand and always remember to the loyalty and fidelity. We are grateful for their partnership with us, thanks to them that we become more developed and stronger

Despite many difficulties ahead, we will always invest in the research and development, strengthen the quality of products and services they have, on the basis of the value remains the highest offer, the most authentic for customers

We always understood that, just to bring the most effective value for new customers helped us survive, and we exist on its credibility, that is the eternal existence

Of course, during the operation still has few customers feel dissatisfied because of some unfortunate incidents and objective, but we still respect them and look forward to apologize for forgiveness

We always plan your strategy and specific details to each day for their development process, we simply hope that we can control the quality of its services, and better control plan set out, and above all, always bring the highest value for customers


We orient future become a strong company, and more and more customers known in the field of information technology and e-commerce.

For the field of information technology, Saco confidently meet all the requirements of the customers whether they need any of the services do, with all the experience that we have, we are ready to advise and support (including support for free) to customers satisfied and feel satisfied. Because we believe that we have more experience than any other company in our field to our customers support, and by the breadth of the field of action, we will have those values in addition to providing customers - while customers will have more benefits when using services from us

For e-commerce field, Saco with the most complete infrastructure to meet the balance of demand from customers. We have a quick solution can support Website, offers, and great response to the need to establish in Vietnam Website customers. We have a service ecosystem good and effective enough in providing website solutions, customers need not enough to refer to any other company, or if you are using the service at other companies, available ready to switch to using the service in our company. And we are increasingly strengthened and optimized solutions, to aspire to become the company provides solutions in the Top 5 Website in Vietnam before or during 2018


Based on activity-oriented, we always set out a detailed plan to achieve the goal. The most important strategy we have is to diversify products and services, diversification of customer segments, and ecosystem diversity, and above all tried - develop their service quality

We need an objective certification of the customers that we are professional, enthusiastic, quality. And we want the clients are to become who gives us a stable income, and introduce new customers as possible

We are always researching and developing, to the service of general model we stay one step ahead of competitors at least 2 years. We want customers to come to us and never leave.

For a staff - collaborators - agents:

We always pay attention to the efficiency of the work, we focus on modernization and automation management systems by using software provided by the company itself developed, based on which we reduce personnel and reduce costs

Instead, we uphold the enthusiasm, heightening the responsibility of the workers, and improve the effectiveness and resonance values brought from the staff. All are based on the value of profits brought against the individual (any part) when they complete the task, when companies succeed, as they stand in their work.

Everyone has a personal and always aware of that, the company's success is their success, and the company being complained they were complaining. All individuals when the company will be prepared as a soldier and ready to fight

For agents and collaborators, we try our best to bring more value to collaborate with Saco. We tried to their growing technical and economic


We strive to provide more value for customers, we thank all of our customers have been using the service in Saco. We will try to meet increasing customer confidence, to customers has always been a companion during the development of Saco