When clients had intended to use the quick service at the company Website SACO then take note of the following:

- You choose any one form any Website templates are available in our system. (If your system does not meet the templates are required, customers can specify any one page Website outside and ask SACO done, of course, will do differently to avoid copyright issues)

- Customers choose the package suitable for deployment

- Customers will be provided with 1 international domain names and any one hosting service to run free

- Fees for renewal next year is equivalent to the original cost of the corresponding package

- Saco will support and guide the use of free during use

- For services fast website, SACO will not hand over the source code to the client because: security source, because the specific characteristics of the solution must be linked to infrastructure under very complex, so the transfer source the other hosting will not work.

- Failure to hand over the source code may sound inconvenient but, but not uncomfortable, because customers will be supported and upgraded continuously and free during use. This is extremely helpful (crush) than to not hand over the source code. As for all the other services, the time spent using the customer also needs to change or upgrade, which will arise when a lot of unexpected expenses, and many more cases would arise initial fee

- Quick Solution website is hosted and operated based Cloud Server system in Vietnam is located in the largest provider Viettel, FPT, VDC, ODS

- SACO has over 6 years of experience in providing solutions to the absolute trust is indisputable