SACO focused features designed to boost sales

Management Systems

System administrators in English, the documentation used by the image detail and style Step by Step. Makes administration of users is the most convenient and easy. Vipweb motto is self-employed clients are all things


Website allows administrators to plan and develop relevant keywords to support better and more friendly to the search engines. Then customers will easily find the products and services posted on website

Google Analytics

Allows administrators to insert Google Analytics code - for detailed statistics on website traffic numbers, and detailed know viewers like the content in the Website - then the owner will own planning in order to improve service quality

And displayed good compatibility

Best view with the current popular browsers with different browser versions. This is especially good in multi-browser environment, never miss an opportunity to reach customers because the browser does not see.

Access statistical functions

The manager will know how often customers on its Website under different timelines

Add Banner Advertising

Website owners to change the banner ads on the website at any time. This banner can place images and outstanding products of our customers, making customers more attractive

Nick chat Administrator

The administrator manually change the nick chat customer support at any time. Full support systems currently popular chat: Yahoo and Skype.

Manage cart

The administrator will see the cart and statistics. Cart which stores information about the time the viewer has ordered.

News updated

This feature enables administrators to specify how the display of the latest news updates on the website. Breaking news updates will give viewers see Website innovative content and is particularly good for SEO

Effects show new products - selling products - Promotional products

This feature will highlight more new products - selling products - Promotional products with special effects. When that information will be viewers attention and more attractive to customers

Change Menu

This function allows the administrator himself Add - Delete - Edit menu of the website. And self-change is a way to display the contents of each of the Menu

Change wallpaper

The feature allows the administrator to change the background image at any time and without restriction. This maximizes the style of Web pages in the situation and the right time

Order online

This feature allows customers to view and order online products and services desired. The order will be notified by e-mail to the manager immediately, enables order management is easier

Presentation and introduction of enterprise products

Presentation and introduce the products and services of the Enterprise, the presentation is classified by category occupations, showing diverse mechanisms help to plan and communicate information more effectively

Change Slideshow

Slideshow is part of Banner - Flash demos at the top of the website. Slideshow help highlight the product - outstanding service of the enterprise. Slideshow particularly striking and attractive to customers, making sales easier

Change main banner

The administrator to change the banner at anytime and without limitations

Logo functional changes

Customer self-governance and changes Logo anytime