About the website design services companies SACO

The company currently offers 2 SACO services of high quality website design for clients such as the following:

Website design services on demand:

For this service, SACO will receive all the requirements for the first Web site that customers demand. Based on this request, SACO will analyze and quote for the customer and the completion time.

Price and completion time high or low, fast or slow depending on customer requirements how complicated

Once completed, SACO will handover to the client source code, based on this Website customers can run on any server in the world where customers want.

In all cases, customers are bundled 1 Hosting and 1 international domain name in the first 1 year. From year 2 fee clients maintain international domain name is 308,000 VND, 880,000 VND Hosting (Including VAT)

Website design services quickly - There even websites within 5 minutes

SACO has built a lot of website templates and completed 100%, customers simply select the template and activate. While customers will have even one page website complete with ultra-low-cost and quick.

Although built, but the customer is entitled to change everything - including layout, interface, color, size, add or remove features.

Customers are entitled to request changes SACO free support selected layouts to better suit if customers want

The deployment will be available form the following advantages:

- Hand over right away, has included international domain names - hosting - Complete Website

- Upgraded continuous (automated) every day without intervention anything (of course will not change what already set)

- Be committed to supporting free and unlimited (in the package)

- The price is very economical (in the package)

- SACO continuous feature upgrades, and continuous development of new features - such as default customers upgrade without spending any extra costs (this is what design solutions upon request does not meet the )