If customers think that their website requirements are too complicated that rapid Website SACO solutions do not meet, then customers need to understand the process and implement policies relating to new jobs 1 Website at the request of stars:

- Team of SACO will contact with customers, to better understand their wants, together with specific advice and details

- Then, will conduct technical exchanges with the feasibility of each request, based on which will inform the customer that this requirement is or is not, or should do a little different ( usually business SACO staff are trained and experienced to immediately notify customers that their requirements or do not do, or should do other than follow other proposals)

- After that, the two sides will work out a deal on prices and deployment times (99% of cases, sales staff will immediately report this information to customers - because our personnel have a lot of experience)

- 2 sides to sign a contract and implementation

- Charges 50% and divided into 2 batches (50% initially, and the rest of the collection)

- You are bundled Domain and Hosting Free International one year, the next year is the domain extension 880.000 VND 308.000 VND and hosting (including VAT)

- Be committed to supporting free for 1 year